10 Quick and Easy Healthy Snacks for Kids

FOOD – One of our CORE4 Skills Making snacks for kids doesn’t have to be time consuming and better yet…can be easy enough for them to make themselves. Beth Orenstein from Everydayhealth provides a great list of simple, healthy snacks that...

How to teach kids about money

FINANCES – one of our CORE4 Skills Not knowing the basics in money management early in life can have a huge impact well into adulthood. Teen expert Amy Morin at, recommends holding frequent conversations about finances and provide plenty of hands-on learning...

Feeling stressed out? Just Breathe

“Ancient Eastern traditions have known for centuries: changing our breathing pattern relieves stress and leads to a healthier state of being.”  Thanks to TheEverygirl we get to share with you 3 breathing techniques that will help you relieve stress. Ocean Breath:  A...

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