Summer Camps 

NOTE: There is no summer camp scheduled for 2019

Our programming, field trips and activities change every week in each area of focus; so campers will do and learn completely new and fun things each week (and from year to year)! We offer flexible scheduling, so your child can come for 1 week or 8, or anything in between. 

What is Camp Like?

From the time campers arrive at camp in the morning to the end of the day, they learn new skills in each of the CORE4 Life Skills areas through structured team activities, games and team challenges, including cooking skills, money games, fitness instruction with different teachers and professionals. Fields trips are included each week. Campers make lunch and meals throughout the camp.

Each week is a new theme through which the campers learn the CORE4 in a fun, creative way. They cook, they become entrepreneurs, play games that help them understand money, they get to work out in a fitness center, they use their creativity and self-expression through the arts with painting, music, dance and video projects.

In addition to the focus on CORE4 fundamentals, we weave these important life skills throughout the daily activities

Teamwork – team challenges and sports, kids learn the fine art of working with others and compromise

Creativity – exploring self-expression and self-awareness are developed through multi-media artistic endeavors

Empathy – Communicating and understanding others – friends, peers and family – are explored and practiced

Goal-Setting – planning and achieving are emphasized in all CORE4 Life Skill areas, giving kids a mindset and skills for paving their future

Global Citizenship – helping others and giving back to the community is practiced as campers learn First Aid and CPR Certification and plan and participate in a community service project

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